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bixby corn stove
Bixby Energy
Multi Fuel Stove
Although Mr. Walker's vision may not become reality tomorrow, the
Bixby corn burning stove of today is already in its third generation.

As the title of this article implies, these stoves don't come cheap.
Bixby's latest model, the 120, is priced from around $2,250 and
gets more expensive with the addition of deluxe trim options.

What really sets this stove apart from the competition is its ease
of use and exceptional 97% fuel efficiency rating.  At 97%, the
Bixby is 12-17% more efficient than any other pellet stove on the
To put it another way, the Bixby stove consumes 12-17 % less fuel to generate the
same amount of heat produced by similar sized stoves.

Another benefit of nearly 100% efficiency is less ash. Actually, there is no fly ash at all.
Rather, an ash cake about 3 inches round is automatically expelled from the burn pot
into the ash drawer twice a day. With little waste to dispose of, the ash drawer needs
to be emptied only once a week.

Other drawbacks associated with owning a pellet fueled stove have also been
thoughtfully eliminated.

Rather than using kindling to start the fire, the Bixby uses a flameless, hot air vortex
system. Just push the ON button, and the stove automatically dispenses the
necessary amount of corn to ignite the fire pot in minutes.

While traditional pellet stoves use an auger to feed the fuel into the burn pot, the
Bixby Ferris Wheel design feeder system rejects foreign materials that cause jamming.

The hopper on the Bixby corn stove holds 106 pounds of dry shelled corn, wood
pellets or Bixby Certified Biomass Pellets. This is sufficient capacity for once a day
loading. Even on the coldest days, the stove burns only 1.5 bushels of corn.

A stove owner from eastern Iowa says he heats his entire 2,100 square foot home
with the Bixby multi fuel stove, aided by ceiling fans running in reverse to help
distribute the warm air. The total cost to heat his home for the entire winter was only

Depending on the outside temperature, 8 different push button heat levels are
available from 8,000 to 50,000 BTU's. This feature is useful in controlling fuel
consumption when the outdoor temperature is fluctuating during season changes.

Bixby Energy Systems backs its MaxFire 115 with an industry best 7 year limited
warranty on workmanship/materials as well as a 4 year warranty on mechanical and
electrical. Regional service technicians are also available to fine tune the stove's
operation according to climate and altitude.
Bixby Corn Burning Stove:
Beauty and Brains Don't Come Cheap
The Bixby corn stove was
introduced to the market in
2002 by Bob Walker. His name
may not ring a bell, but the
Sleep Number Bed, which he
also invented, surely will.

Walker's vision of 21st century
heating also includes a biomass
pellet that can be manufactured
locally from whatever resources
are available such as crop or
animal waste.

The pellets would be
distributed in much the same
way heating oil is delivered.