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Multi Fuel Outdoor Boilers: Have It Your Way
Multi fuel outdoor boilers have a
distinct advantage over single fuel
models. With a multi fuel, or dual
fuel boiler, you have the flexibility to
burn whichever fuel is cheaper at
any given time.

The most common type of multi fuel
boiler combines a traditional outdoor
wood boiler with a fuel oil, propane
or natural gas burner.

The addition of a fuel burner to the
wood boiler can be useful in a
number of ways.
Multi Fuel Outdoor Boiler
It can be used to provide backup heat if you fail to
refuel the furnace with wood, or as the sole heat
source when not firing with wood.

The burner can also be run at the beginning of the burn
cycle to preheat the secondary combustion chamber
which reduces start up emissions.

Changing from one heating mode to another is usually
a simple matter of turning the operation control knob.

A wood pellet/corn biofuel version of the multi fuel
outdoor boiler is also available as a substitute for
burning wood.

The biofuel boiler is actually a multi-multi fuel outdoor
boiler with the option to burn corn or wood pellets; or
fuel oil, propane or natural gas with the back up burner.
Although multi fuel capability is standard on most of the larger outdoor wood boilers,
it's an option on less powerful models that will add around 25% to the purchase price.

According to one manufacturer of wood multi fuel outdoor boilers, laboratory tests
indicate efficiencies of 85% or better with these fuels.

Given the constant price volatility for all types of fuel, multi fuel outdoor boilers offer
one more line of defense against gyrating fuel prices.
Multi fuel outdoor wood boiler