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Vent Free Wall Mounted Gas Combustion Space Heaters
Important Safety Information
Ventless gas space heaters use the room air for combustion. Unless you
keep a window opened slightly, an unvented heater will burn essentially the
same air over and over constantly reducing the level of oxygen in the room.

To protect yourself from oxygen depletion, unvented heaters should be
equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS). These devices sound an
alarm when the oxygen level in the room drops below 18%.

An oxygen depletion sensor should not be confused with a carbon monoxide

Also, take a look at this
chart to find out if the installation of vent free gas
heaters is permitted in your state, city, or town.

All combustion space heaters should be professionally inspected every year
just like any other furnace. If your gas wall heater is vented, venting pipes
should also be inspected. Vents that are blocked, separated or corroded can
result in the accumulation of potentially fatal levels of carbon monoxide.

Carbon dioxide can also be produced if the heater is not properly set up and
adjusted for the type of gas used and the altitude at which it is installed.

Depending on the model, unvented combustion heaters should not be used
at altitudes greater than 3,500 feet and never more than 5,000 feet.
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Vent free wall mounted gas combustion space heaters are permanent
indoor fixtures fueled by natural gas or an outdoor propane tank. The most
popular models are the vent free units since they're inexpensive to purchase
and don't require expensive venting.

In terms of the amount of heat you get for what you spend, wall mounted
gas heaters are 99% efficient and offer the best value when compared to
other supplemental heating appliances. This is especially true if you if natural
gas is your heating source.

Although ventless gas space heaters aren't allowed for use as a primary
heating system, many homeowners report it satisfies most of their heating
needs none the less.

Piezo type battery powered electronic ignition is a welcome feature for
Seniors and allows the heater to function during power outages. However, if
the wall heater is equipped with a blower it won't come back on until the
power does.

Wall Heater Fuel Types
Gas wall heaters are usually designed to burn either natural gas or  LP gas.
However, dual fuel models give you the option to burn one fuel or the other
as circumstances dictate.

Gas Heater Systems
Blue flame
The two most common heat delivery systems are blue flame and infrared.
Most blue flame units heat by convection (rising heat) only and do not have a
blower. The output of the heater, in BTUs, is determined by the size (length)
of the flame within the unit.

Infrared heaters employ ceramic plaques and a blower to distribute the heat;
although the blower is usually sold separately. The BTU output is determined
by the number of ceramic plaques within the unit.

Wall Heater Sizing
The size of the heater to adequately heat your home depends on the square
footage of the area you want to heat and the amount of heat loss. If the
area you intend to heat is well insulated and
weatherized you would need
around 35 BTUs per square foot.

If the area is poorly insulated and drafty figure on 45 BTUs per square foot.

Wall Mounted Heater Pricing
Naturally, the larger the heating capacity, the more the heater will cost. There
is also a difference in pricing between blue flame and infrared heaters with the
blue flame models costing roughly 20% more than infrared.
Natural Gas
Dual Fuel
Propane Wall Heater 10,000 BTU
Natural Gas Wall Heater 10,000 BTU
Kozy World 10,000 BTU
Propane Heater 300 sq ft
Kozy World 10,000 BTU
Natural Gas Heater 300 sq ft
Kozy World 25,000 BTU Ventless Gas Space Heater
Kozy World 18,000 BTU Natural Gas Wall Heater
Procom 20,000 BTU dual fuel gas wall heater
Kozy World 25,000 BTU
Propane Heater 700 sq ft
Kozy World 18,000 BTU
Natural Gas Heater 500 sq ft
ProCom 20,000 BTU
Dual Fuel Heater 600 sq ft
Kozy World 30,000 BTU Ventless Natural Gas Space Heater
ProCom 30,000 BTU blue flame propane space heater
Kozy World 30,000 BTU
Natural Gas Heater 900 sq ft
ProCom 30,000 BTU
Dual Fuel Heater 900 sq ft