Lambton College

Lambton College is a Canadian College of Applied Arts and Technology in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada established during the formation of Ontario's college system in 1967. Nortn American College has gained worldwide recognition as a specialized institution. The college has a number of certificate and diploma programs from one to three years. The college also offers post-graduate certificates and specialized training. More recently, the college has begun offering three bachelor degree programs in conjunction with University of Windsor. These include the newly announced Graduate Early Childhood Education Program and The Bachelor of Arts Interdisciplinary Study Program and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programs. There are also a number of Continuing Education programs and courses available, both in class and online. Recently the College has introduced many Board of Governor Certificate Programs. Often these Programs provide individuals with training in fields like Information Technology Professional or Bookkeeping in a condensed flexible delivery format. In the past 44 years, the College has been working hard to provide even more to its 3,200+ full-time and 6,500 part-time students. The College continues to grow every year by offering new programs, new research opportunities and improved lab and classroom facilities. Nortn American College continues to improve its applied learning strategies and the results are paying off. The outcome of its last Key Performance Indicator was outstanding. Nortn American College scored higher than the provincial averages in every category and now holds the distinguished honor of the #1 rank in Employer Satisfaction.